5 Insanely Good Claw Clips That Will Make Your Hair Look Super Chic

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Everyone wants an easy way to style their hair, especially second day hair, and claw clips are the perfect answer.

Styling your hair can be such a pain when you’re in a rush or when you want to go one more day without washing it, and claw clips are a great solution. 

There are so many claw clips hairstyles that are so chic and no one will ever know how little effort it required.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found the perfect claw clips for thick hair yet, they’re out there. (Spoiler alert: You’ll find the perfect one in this post!)

This post is all about claw clips.

Best Claw Clips

Large Claw Clips

Larger options are great for those who have long hair. If you have thick hair, these can work for you too but keep reading for an even better option. 

Longer hair can easily be wrapped a couple of times inside of a larger clip which is a super cute look. 

These large claw clips are perfect if you have long or thick hair. The pops of color are so cute but it’s also great that they include neutral colors. The matte finish makes them look super chic. 

These claw clips are also great if you’re on a budget because you get four of them for under $20. 

Claw Clips for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and are worried that this trend might not be for you, try these out first! The first option linked above could work as well since they are larger, but the option shown below are non-slip which is really helpful for girls with thicker hair. 

You also don’t have to compromise style just because you have thick hair. Even choosing an option that has a little something extra, even as simple as tortoise shell, will give your hair the chic look you want. 

If you’re looking for some super cute large claw clips that have a little more style to them, these tortoise shell claw clips are great. These are also non-slip which is great when you have thicker hair.

I personally love the tortoise shell style because it is so chic and while it has some pattern, it won’t clash with your outfit. 

Cute Claw Clips

If you’re going for more of a cute look, these options are perfect for you. They’re almost like adding jewelry to your hair. They can really accessorize any outfit and add something extra without being over the top. 

I personally love the gold options because gold is so pretty and trendy right now. If you prefer silver over gold, the third option comes in silver as well. 

If you’re looking for aesthetic claw clips, these are it. 😍 These are basically like adding jewelry to your hair and will most definitely look super chic. 

I love that these are so simple, yet so gorgeous. They will pop just the right amount in your hair. 

These aesthetic claw clips are so simple but the thicker, rounded edge just adds a little something extra to them. They are a bit on the smaller side, so they may be best for thinner hair or a half up style. 

These come in a pack of two, with a darker shade as well so you can choose which suits your outfit best. 

If you liked the gold option above, but prefer a shiney finish rather than matte, this is a great aesthetic claw clip option for you. 

There is also a silver option so you can match your jewelry if you prefer. 

Some Inspo ✨

This picture shows exactly why so many people are obsessed with this style… so easy to put your hair up in the clip and go. It’s perfect because your hair can be a total mess, but once it’s up, the messier and looser the front pieces are, the more chic it’ll look. 

Even though this style isn’t using a claw clip, this style could easily be mimicked to give you the same idea. 

I love how effortless a low ponytail is and this would be the perfect way to do a messy low pony tail but still have it look cute. 

A little hack that is awesome especially if you have thicker hair is to just put your hair in a low pony tail as you normally would and then put the clip right over top. This will disguise the pony tail and hold your hair in place even better.

Here’s another effortless style that you could totally wear out to dinner or somewhere similar for a really easy hair style. It can also be worn in a more casual way too. Part of what I love so much about this style is the fact that it’s so versatile.

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This post is about claw clips.

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