94 Instagram Captions That Are Insanely Good for Any Picture

We all know Instagram captions can be a struggle, which is why you need to save this list of ideas!

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Instagram captions can be such a pain because you want them to be short and simple, yet funny, but not over the top. Which leaves us with what? 

That’s why I wanted to compile a list of the best Instagram captions to make it easier for you next time you post. 

Keep reading to find everything from funny Instagram captions to the best Instagram captions for couples (but don’t worry, they’re not your typical cringey ideas).


Short Instagram Captions

If you like to keep your captions short and simple, this section is for you. There’s something to be said for a short caption that’s really good, and everyone will be wondering where you got your caption ideas from. 

  1. matcha moves
  2.  peace of mind
  3. usually here
  4. coffee run
  5. it’s the ____ for me
  6. details… 
  7. green goddess
  8. caffeine queen
  9. blue jean baby
  10. good company
  11. that is all
  12. limited edition
  13. takin it easy
  14. coffee date
  15.  leather looks
  16. daydreaming… 
  17. today was a good day
  18. next chapter
  19. all about the aesthetic
  20. on the go
  21. quick dip
  22. this is ___ (age)
  23. one day at a time
  24. so far so good

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Instagram Captions for Selfies

I personally find selfies challenging to caption because I always want something cute and clever, but also don’t want it to seem like I’m trying too hard. I think this is common when trying to come up with Instagram captions for selfies, so that’s why I chose the options below. 

A lot of these Instagram captions can be altered a bit so they match up better with whatever you’re doing and they’re not only good for one type of picture. 

Another fun way to caption a selfie is to use a bunch of different emojis. One way of doing this is to have monochromatic emojis. For example, if you’re wearing an all white outfit, search “white” in the emoji search bar and choose five of your favorite options. 

  1. lil close up
  2. me again!
  3. _____ is my name and ____ is my game
  4. a casual walk through the parking garage
  5. this wind you guys, is it necessary?
  6. new ____, new selfies (ex: apartment, car, etc.)
  7. lazy monday (or whatever day of the week it is)
  8. oh hi…
  9. find me here drinking coffee all day
  10. hiiii friday (again, whatever day of the week it is)
  11. in my element
  12.  yes I took this with self timer
  13. I refuse to believe summer is over
  14. takin it easy
  15. drink your water and mind your business

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Instagram Captions for Friends

Instagram captions for friends are my favorite because you can have so much fun with them. Especially if you’re with a close friend or group of friends, you can do a really cute caption that explains your personalities well. 

  1. my loves 
  2.  my people
  3. best of the best
  4. sharing clothes since … (year you met)
  5. a day well spent 
  6. hit the BFF jackpot 
  7. girls night
  8.  when we do girls night, we do it right
  9. blessed with the best
  10. when you know you know 
  11. me and my girls 
  12. all aboard the hot mess express
  13. girls just wanna have fun
  14. girls just wanna have drinks
  15. can’t wait until we’re 80 and having drinks on the front porch together

Best Instagram Captions for Couples

Okay, so we all know a couple that posts pictures together all the time and has the most cringey captions. Obviously no one wants to be “that couple”, so that’s why I came up with the best Instagram captions for couples that are really simple and cute but don’t make people cringe when they read it. 

I have found that when it comes to Instagram captions for couples, it’s best if they’re simple and not too “lovey dovey.”

  1.  my person
  2. you give me 🦋
  3. date night (add an emoji that relates to what you’re doing)
  4. it’s the never-ending laughs/smiles for me 
  5.  you make my 🌎 go round 
  6. paradise found.
  7. I fell in love when you laughed at my jokes
  8. all mine
  9. your #1 fan
  10. will you accept this rose? (for all my bachelor/bachelorette fans 🤪)
  11. having the best time with my other half
  12.  game over.
  13. playing for keeps
  14. never tired of you
  15. eyes on you

Instagram Captions for Travel

We all post an obnoxious amount of pictures when we’re on vacation which is why we need lots of caption options to switch it up.

Again, I find that most people like simple captions so that’s what I went for with these Instagram captions for travel as well. There’s some beachy options and some other options that work whether you’re at the beach or not.

  1. checked this off my bucket list
  2. raise your hand if you feel personally attacked by seaweed
  3. 📍 “location”
  4. good day in my world
  5. favorite place to be
  6. bring me two _____ (drink), I want one for each hand
  7. never coming home
  8. paradise? paradise.
  9. pool day
  10. mentally i’m here
  11. how many drinks until I don’t feel the cold? 
  12. one picture just wouldn’t do it justice
  13. new favorite view
  14. too many … (margs, mimosas, snacks, etc.)
  15.  staycation
  16.  sunshine on my mind
  17. be back never
  18. sun kissed
  19. the place to be
  20. not a care in the world
  21. 95% happy, 5% burnt
  22. golden hour is my happy hour
  23.  the scenic route
  24. time for another adventure
  25. new happy place

This post is all about Instagram captions.

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